Spirit Award

Spirit Award

The Spirit Award was resurrected after a long layoff. The award was reinstated by the New Year’s Eve Committee in 2017.

The purpose of the award is to challenge the dance clubs, within the Federation, to sway their members to attend the New Year’s Eve dance. The award would be presented to the one club who have the most percentage of members in attendance.

Attendance would be tabulated from tickets purchased from club members that are turned in upon registering at the front table. Each person would be asked, by the registration worker, to print on the back of their ticket which club they would like to represent. The tickets would them be collected later in the evening, separated by the club and then counted.

Each club submitted their club enrollment earlier in the year and the club with the most percentage of club members to their enrollment would be declared the winner.

2019 winner was the Jefferson County Swing Dance Club

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